Thursday, March 30, 2006

Summer Breeze Please!

I decided I don't want to just blog about being a survivor. I'm sick and tired of winter. I want to see flowers, and green grass. My foot is finally at a place that I can drive distances again. So I went on a mini road trip.

I drove down Sheridan Rd. Started off around Belmont Harbor and ended up in Lake Bluff. The ride is always filled with such wonderful memories.

It wasn't the best day weather wise to do this, but I did it anyway. I stopped at Northwestern and watched the waves crash against the rocks. I was going to go into Bahai Temple, but decided to just drive past it to the entrance of Gilson Beach. I thought about the zillions of times I've been there with friends, and the picnics in the summer.

Of course I had to stop at Plaza del lago and stop at Convito Italiano to pick up a few things. I haven't been there in a while.


The hardest part of the drive is going back home. Had to get back in time for therapy. I can't wait until the day that's not a part of my reality.


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